Dual Mass Fly Wheel problems are common in modern cars.

Most modern diesel vehicles and some petrol models are fitted with a Dual Mass Flywheel arrangement with a self adjusting clutch. These have become a recurring issue for car owners to have to deal with. Most people think they need to go to the main dealerships to have the problem fixed. This is often a very expensive option. Our customer find that not only will they have their dual mass flywheel problem resolved quickly, they will also save a lot of money in the process.

Typical faults are:

  • The clutch pedal bouncing under your foot
  • A general poor clutch feeling.
  • Excessive and persistent noise.

Only top quality parts such as Luk, Valeo, Sacks, Borg & Beck are fitted in our workshop and come with the manufacturers warranty.

Don’t worry we are familiar with all of these issues and have helped hundreds of customers get back on the road safely. Our team of experts can offer a full fitting service and will provide the peace of mind you want when driving your car. Furthermore all our work is guaranteed and the parts carry warranties. Please ask a member of our team for more information.

Please contact a member of our friendly team and we will help you get moving again.

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