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We provide customised solutions for ZF gearbox problems, addressing your unique requirements. Our team of skilled ZF Gearbox Specialists are committed to helping you overcome any challenges you may encounter with your ZF gearbox.

ZF Gearbox Specialists


What is a ZF Gearbox?

The ZF gearbox (ZF 8HP Gearbox), manufactured by ZF Friedrichshafen, is an eight-speed automatic transmission that was first introduced in the BMW 7 Series with a V12 engine. Since its debut, this automatic transmission has been utilized in various BMW series, including the 1-series, due to its exceptional performance.

BMW has incorporated the ZF auto gearbox to improve fuel efficiency, resulting in an 11% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the ZF 6-speed transmission found in most vehicles. This percentage increases to 14% when compared to modern 5-speed transmissions. In addition to enhanced fuel economy, ZF auto gearboxes offer a rapid shift time of 200 milliseconds and deliver dependable non-sequential gear changes during emergency situations.

Common ZF Gearbox Problems

Despite the exceptional design of ZF automatic gearboxes, they may still experience issues in some vehicles. Common issues include rough gear shifting, difficulty entering 1st or 2nd gear, lack of torque sensation, and overall transmission malfunctions. Failure to address these issues quickly can result in loss of vehicle control. If you observe any of these problems, contact Leeds Transmission Services.

ZF Gearbox Repairs

At Leeds Transmissions, we offer a range of services to resolve ZF Gearbox issues, including repair and reconditioning alongside our other automatic gearbox repair services. Our expert team can quickly diagnose & repair issues, whether it’s difficulty entering specific gears or weakened torque. With over 30 years experience you’re in safe hands when working with us.

Whether it’s diagnosing gearbox issues, conducting repairs on ZF auto gearboxes, or providing reconditioned alternatives, we have all your needs covered.

If you have an issue with your ZF Gearbox please get in touch today.

Reconditioned ZF Gearboxes

In cases where damage is severe, we provide reconditioned ZF Gearboxes to replace the existing broken one. This is often more cost effective to do than repair when the ZF Gearbox is damaged very severely.

We can advise on the best course of action after inspecting your vehicle to determine the fault.

Leeds Transmission Services provides a comprehensive selection of repair and replacement services for ZF automatic gearboxes in Leeds. Whether you require specialised repairs or refurbished ZF automatic gearboxes, our team is dedicated to assisting you. Get in touch today.

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